nothing more through the door

it starts
crossing the great unknown of your inner self
its easy
just feel whats your favorite state of art
your inner self express whats behind your mind
your expression of ffeeling through everthing thats living

life live do it just as it seems, just as you feel
nothing can top xyou in doin this,
whats life whats feeling whats that pumping thing inside your heart
be, yourself, feel this inveil, be start of the art of your thing

you, yours, what is me, that is you
we are sharing this, you are this
feel your life be in this
don’t think in the way, slow comes in the flow
but when youre right you stay at this small impression in time
see the grow, wait for it, wait for it, spread the splinter of head
of glowing lava mind, bright springing on the tears
sweeping what are fears, heating loving , the feeling
stay at it, right now, know this, get to know whats this
just be in your feeling, don’t listen to whats not inside you
your inner filter mechanism , spread it, be the word, don’t try to read it
just feel it by your fingers go through your mind
leave it,
take it as metaphor for every part in that life we share
were there is a moment of care for that inner one in which you are alive
take that and place that on the part thats suit you most,
if this shall be a rotten body in feel, leave it bleeding
blood flowing over your boody, the heat the splinter, the flow of feeling
nothing more

das wüsste ich doch wo die Tür mir pocht
when you are strange


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